The Power of Colors in the office
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The Power of Colors in the office

Colors can have a profound impact on productivity by simply encouraging positive emotions in employees. Natural toned colors such as green and blue hues can improve efficiency and focus, while warm yellows can trigger optimism, creativity and fresh energy. Vivid colors like red add intensity to the décor and can inspire passion and boost physical activity.

So what colors that promote productivity are advantageous to your business, employees and customers? Which ones should you avoid? Let’s take a closer look

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The color blue in the office can have a very calming effect on employees and aid in concentration, especially when workers are required to complete intricate tasks. Blue is an excellent choice in an office where activities require detailed focus. By helping to maintain calm, blue can also stimulate the mental process and increase worker productivity.


According to studies, white is the worst color to paint the office. White walls tend to give off a sterile or clinical feeling, like being in a medical exam room. Research has shown that white can hinder productivity and give off a cold and and isolated feeling.


If you want to get the creative juices flowing, choose yellow. This color is often linked to positive emotions like happiness, optimism and excitement. Used in office décor, yellow can help inspire employees who work in creative fields to come up with new, innovative ideas.



The color red is a vibrant color that can energize employees particularly those whose tasks involve physical activity. Known to increase the heart rate and even produce a slight rise in blood pressure, red can help boost the body’s ability to complete physical tasks. Red is also very effective as a “call to action” to get customers’ attention for marketing messages.


Different shades of green can elicit both positive and negative emotions. However, in general, the color green is usually associated with nature and rebirth. Painting the office in a light soothing shade of green can help ease anxiety and make people feel more relaxed and welcomed


برای مطالعه ترجمه فارسی این مقاله کلیک کنید.


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